Why You Should Buy USA-Made

  • Feb 28, 2020

During times of growing uncertainty in the global markets, customers are becoming more and more interested in purchasing American-made items. Buying American-made is about more than just patriotism – it helps to contribute to a brighter and more stable economic future for the entire country through the support of local businesses and manufacturing. So, what can you do to help? Here’s a few of our top reasons on why it’s crucial to support American businesses by purchasing items here in the U.S.


USA Made Hard Hat

Manufacturing products in the USA means guaranteed jobs for thousands of people. As more money is invested in USA-made products, more money will get put back into manufacturing these goods domestically, increasing the production rate. By growing the manufacturing sector, more jobs are created, pushing more money back into the American economy. Creating demand for American-made products means that more workers are needed to satisfy that demand, creating and maintaining jobs for Americans.

This is also important because once a product has been outsourced to a foreign country, rarely does the manufacturing process for that item ever return to the U.S. In order to keep products made in the United States, people must purchase these products to maintain demand.

Trade, Politics, and Independence

USA Made Pens

Relying on another country’s exports can be a tricky situation. As the United States has become less and less manufacturing-focused, we’ve placed more importance on our trade agreements with other nations in order to receive their goods at a lower cost. Importing goods into the U.S. can produce plenty of barriers and obstacles, especially with countries that may have tense diplomatic relationships with the U.S. However, by manufacturing products domestically, we can support American independence and rely less on the whims of other nations.

Environmental, Labor, and Quality Standards

USA Made Planter

When products are made within the United States, federal and local governments can regulate working conditions to ensure that laws are upheld, and proper minimum wages are paid to workers in accordance with national labor laws. When importing goods from other countries, we do not have that level of control and transparency. With products manufactured internationally, there’s no guarantee that the level of health and safety protections ensured by American organizations such as OSHA is being enforced, meaning that workers may not be experiencing safe working conditions. Buying USA-made products means that you can be sure that safe and fair working conditions are being supported.

Similarly, we can only be sure of the environmental impact manufacturing has when it comes it domestically produced products. Current technologies allow manufacturing processes in the USA to lean toward cleaner and more renewable practices. American manufacturers are also regulated by the EPA and other similar organizations to ensure that minimum environmental standards are being met. We cannot be certain of these things with goods produced in other countries.

“Made in USA” to many consumers means that products meet higher standards for quality, worker fairness, and environmental impact. Purchasing American-made allows the consumer to have more control over what exactly they are getting, as well as more influence on our national economy. The more products purchased that are made in the USA, the more we will be able to produce domestically. By buying USA-made, you are directly supporting American jobs, workers, and the economy.

Now you know why buying USA-made is important. Did you know that we have thousands of American made products available to you? Contact us today to learn more!

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