8 Innovative Green Meeting Ideas

  • Mar 25, 2024

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It's a new era, and it's clear that environmental sustainability isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must. The way businesses operate has to change, right from the very basics, including how they conduct meetings and events. Digital age or not, the call for sustainability is louder than ever, and it’s time we all answered.

HR's leading the charge here, pushing for practices that not only benefit us but the planet too. Imagine meetings that do more than just discuss numbers but actively contribute to a greener planet. That’s where we’re heading, and honestly, it’s about time.



What are Green Meetings?

Green Meetings are get-togethers, big or small, designed with Mother Earth in mind. We’re talking about reducing waste, conserving resources, and making eco-friendly choices from planning to execution.


Benefits of Green Friendly Meetings

  • They minimize waste and carbon emissions, contributing to a brighter, cleaner future. Upholding this sentiment, we at Starlight have been conducting our weekly meetings virtually instead of in-person since 2013, as part of our efforts to be more sustainable.
  • Green practices boost a company's reputation by showing dedication to sustainability, attracting customers and partners. Research indicates that "Green Meetings & Eco-certification" are proof of this commitment, enhancing appeal to eco-conscious businesses and consumers (Ranacher & Pröbstl-Haider, 2014).
  • They foster a sense of purpose and satisfaction, encouraging employees to connect, contribute, and feel more invested in their work through shared values and collective action.
  • Incorporating natural elements and ensuring clean air in meeting spaces boosts overall health, well-being, and productivity, creating a better environment for everyone.



8 innovative ideas for your next green meeting

  1. Gatherings in the Great Outdoors: Companies are following the trend of eco-friendly picnics. Think about setting up in a nearby park or botanical garden for your next team meeting. It's not just refreshing but also encourages a connection with nature. We partner with companies like Picnic Time to promote sustainability and create a memorable event.
  1. Environmental Team Building: Consider organizing an activity that gives back to the Earth, like a local clean-up or a day dedicated to planting trees. It’s a great way to build team spirit and show some love to the environment. Research by Strachan suggests that these activities are an effective way to foster team spirit and positively contribute to the environment. Similarly, Botha emphasizes that outdoor team-building activities improve communication, collaboration, and trust among team members, further highlighting the benefits of environmental initiatives for team development.

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  2. Knowledge is Power: Spice up your meetings by inviting an expert on sustainability. They could share insights about local ecosystems or sustainable practices, adding an educational component to the gathering. You can use ProPublica's search tool to find non-profits in your area for potential collaboration.
  1. Sustainable Catering: Consider catering that uses locally sourced ingredients. Serving locally sourced and organic food at events can reduce the associated carbon footprint by 10-20%, depending on the location and season (General sustainable catering statistic). Additionally, avoid disposable bottles and containers, choosing reusable options instead.
  1. Learn and Grow: Set up workshops by partnering with eco-organizations for a bigger impact. It’s all about spreading awareness and making a difference, together.
  1. A Month for Mother Earth: Why not celebrate Earth Day all month long? Fill it with eco-friendly challenges and activities. It’s a fun way to integrate green habits into your company culture.
  1. Office Green Thumb: Encourage less paper use, proper recycling, and the switch to more energy-efficient office gadgets. Small changes can lead to big impacts.
  1. Wellness Meets Green: Combine physical wellness with eco-consciousness through outdoor workouts, meditation in nature, or even starting a company garden. It’s healthy for your team and the earth. A study by (Calogiuri et al., 2015) demonstrated that “employees that exercised outdoors experienced a notable increase in Positive Affect, a measure of well-being and mood.” [1]

  1. BONUS - Sustainable Team Efforts: Challenge your team to engage in eco-friendly projects or initiate a zero-waste week. It’s about fostering a culture of responsibility towards our environment.



This article introduces Green Meetings, aimed at making business gatherings eco-friendly by reducing waste and conserving resources. Highlights include benefits like better company image and increased employee satisfaction. It's all about combining business with environmental care for a healthier planet and happier workplace.








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